gloomy june release debut EP 'Popsick'

Following on from a fresh and exciting array of offerings these last few months, which have included 'Save Anyone', 'This Party Is A Warzone', and 'Always Gonna Let You Down', fast-rising US outfit gloomy june have now released their highly-anticipated debut EP 'Popsick'.

When this year began, gloomy june had yet to release any music. But since then they have cemented themselves as one of the most exciting new names rising through the ranks right now. Delivering a five-track collection brimming with fresh and explosive pop-rock belters, that channel the driven attitude of acts like Paramore and Haim, this stunning new release adds yet another vibrant bow to their growing musical quiver.

Speaking about the EP, guitarist Devin Nelson said, “We’ve been really wanting to take it seriously, and some of us are quitting our jobs. So we wanted to re-brand and be a new thing. Kind of starting from scratch. When we started (The Y Axes), we didn’t really know what the band aesthetic was. So that’s why we did a big reset, so we could figure out ‘What are our vibes?’"

They may only be starting out, but things are already looking very bright for gloomy june. With a flurry of live performances set to take place later this year, and even a second EP already on the cards, we can't wait to find out how big this lot grow over the next few years.

Have a listen to the 'Popsick' EP in the player below.