How To Dress Well - 'What Is This Heart?'


As one of the initial playmakers in the ethereal RnB scene of the past few years, producer Tom Krell aka How To Dress Well looks to follow up his impressive breakthrough record 'Total Loss' with his third full-length 'What Is This Heart?' While his previous work was mainly a vast array of experimentation in left-of-centre production and haunting vocals, this new material seems to be more focused towards a commercial direction as Krell lets a more passionate and energetic side to his work shine through and produce a record with all the hallmarks of a producer who has finally found his true voice.

While the singles from 'What Is This Heart?' have so far been brilliant snapshots of the producer's capability to create emotional driven and sometimes beatless pop songs, the album as a whole shows a far deeper range of skill than we were initially expecting. While each track is its own journey of heartbreak, discovery or love, they each display their own character, giving the album more than just a single direction or purpose and demonstrate the range in which the songwriter is able to produce. His lead single 'Repeat Pleasure' is the stand-out track of the record but in a way that doesn't overshadow what has come before or is yet to play. The album is a fully coherent release than maintains a pace that swells as it plays, making it one of the most enjoyable and encouraging full-lengths of this year so far.

Since 'Total Loss' put How To Dress Well on the map two years ago, it is clear that he has felt next to no pressure in creating this next work as it breathes confidence and vigour throughout. This is simply a remarkable listen that shows why he has become such a talking point over the last few years.

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