Interview: Black Foxxes

Fresh from a sold out tour with Milk Teeth, alternative rockers Black Foxxes answered a few questions we had for them ahead of their debut album release in August. After only releasing a few songs, they've quickly gathered a strong fan base and have been met with critical acclaim. With support from the likes of Kerrang! and BBC Radio One, this trio are set for success- and after listening to their music, you'll understand why. 


Hey Guys. Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us at Mystic Sons. Please could you introduce yourselves to our readers who may not be familiar with Black Foxxes?

Tristan: Hey there, I'm Tristan and I play bass in Black Foxxes. I pride myself on being the tallest member, although sadly the least talented. However, I like to make up for that in comedy value.

Ant: Ant, drums.


So, it appears to have been a pretty big year for you; touring with Nothing But Thieves, having the support of BBC Radio 1 and then finishing your debut album 'I’m Not Well'. You also appear to have gathered quite a few new fans! How’s it all been?

Tristan: Yeah! It's all escalated rather quickly to be honest. We were really stoked to be able to play some really awesome, larger venues with Nothing But Thieves. They're such great guys and a pleasure to be around. BBC R1 have been gems to us as well. As for the fans, we couldn't be luckier for a band with such little material out there in the world. We already have Polish, Danish & Canadian fan pages on Twitter, despite having never visited any of those countries, so that's pretty cool.

Ant: It's been incredible. I think we're in our own little bubble to a degree, as in we kinda just get our heads down and try to do the best job we can with our music so I'm not entirely sure how much of it we're really soaking in but it's a helluva ride so far!


What is summer looking like for Black Foxxes?

Tristan:  Summer will mainly consist of playing as many festivals as possible: Reading and Leeds, Download and 2000Trees being some exciting ones for me personally. That being said, we're on the bill for some really awesome smaller affairs here and there, so it should be a great time! We're planning to make our way across the pond in September to play Riot Fest in Chicago, so to say that's exciting for all of us is a complete understatement. The lineup is like my 16 year old self's wet dream.

Ant: Summers looking fantastic for us. We've done a fair chunk of our festivals which have all been amazing so far. We've got a handful left which includes R&L and Riot Fest in Chicago! We're totally stoked to be invited along to play all of these festivals.


Could you explain the process behind making I’m Not Well?

Ant: It's kinda a collection of songs in someways. As a new band you're always writing and exploring. I think when you listen to the record you can really hear us as the band we are now. Zero gimmicks.

Tristan: It was all rather smooth to be honest. We hid ourselves away in a rad little studio in the heart of Devon in the middle of nowhere and just got stuck in really. Log fires, artisanal coffee, nothing but fields as far as the eye can see. It was the ideal setting really. And the studio itself was amazing, so that paired with Adrian Bushby our producer extraordinaire was a dream come true for us. Leading up to it, the songs came really naturally and I think we just got to a place where we knew exactly what we wanted with each one so when it came to recording, it was a breeze really.


So how are you feeling about the world finally getting to hear it, anxious or relieved? 

Tristan: I'll be relieved when it comes out. We've been sitting on it for almost a year so it'll be good to get out there and play some shows knowing that people will either have already heard it, or can get stuck in if they haven't. Right now it's this awful limbo of just playing shows and hoping people will stick around in anticipation for it.

Ant: Personally I'm not either of those things with the music going out to the world. I've always had the mindset that some people might like it and some people might hate it but as long as I'm having a blast that's all that really matters. I'm just super excited for everyone to hear it!


What can we expect from I’m Not Well?

Tristan: You can expect angsty, loud rawness that I think is sorely needed at this present moment.

Ant: I think what people can draw from the record is its honesty and a certain freshness with the sound, It's definitely going to be a stand alone record this year.


What is something that you all want to achieve throughout your careers? 

Tristan: I can't speak for the other guys but I'd just like a bit of longevity. Something that'll be around in a good few years, and still be relevant and exciting for people.

Ant: I guess the ultimate goal is to continue to make what we consider great music, see the world and stay humble along the way. But for now the main goal is puppies on our rider, still waiting for that to happen.


Lastly, can you both tell me one unique fact about yourselves?

Tristan: I always choke when it comes to unique facts about myself so I'll give you a few boring facts… I'm obsessed with traditional archery, selvedge denim, and have a massive soft spot for country music. Also, I'm a hoarder.

Ant: I'm a serial moaner. I think for the best part the people around me find it whimsical and endearing, maybe?




I'm Not Well will be out on the 19th August.