Kwabs - 'Walk' EP


Since the London-based singer Kwabs first broke onto the national music scene with his 'Right Or Wrong' EP earlier this year, there was simply no denying this man's talent. His haunting vocals mixed with an irreverent and unique production instantly gave him a recognisable sound that no-one could compare with. But after just a few months, he has returned to deliver what is rumoured to be the last EP before his debut album sometime next year. So what has managed to produce this time around?

While it would normally be hard to compare two EPs released just eight months apart, the sheer growth that Kwabs has shown between the pair of releases is enormous. While the first was a very melancholy output, 'Walk' has a far more uplifting pace and shows the sheer diversity that this artist has. The title-track is this percussion-heavy marching anthem that explodes throughout and brings out the true beauty of Kwabs' voice, while the EP's other new track 'Saved' reverts back to that dark, brooding sound that he introduced himself with.

Both tracks are so contrasting on the outside, but have both managed to capture the various angles of his voice and accentuate the passion and romance in it. While we can expect these two productions on his first studio album, their differences give us great hope for this emerging talent and have given us a much higher level of anticipation.

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