Maggie Rogers - 'Heard It In A Past Life'


The upward ascent of Maggie Rogers can be traced back to one viral video of the young singer-songwriter back in 2016. While playing her music to Pharrell Williams at NYU, she brought the renowned producer to tears and instantly gave her the platform to build her career from. Since then, she has released a flurry of singles and EPs which have gone on to bring yet more acclaim to the young frontwoman, all building up to this moment, the first studio album from Maggie Rogers. And much like what we have heard from her so far, this new release looks to cement her as one of the most bold and vibrant artists working today.

Managing to balance a well-produced and glossy sound with proficient songwriting, 'Heard It In A Past life' is able to retain a large commercial appeal while still keeping her eccentricities in a cult environment. While occasionally filling this release with cuts from her previous EPs, the new album is largely its own body of work with its own specific direction. And this level of consistency aids in giving the record a strong pace in which to follow, making this debut a competent and refreshing journey that continues much of the energy of her earlier work.

While there isn't much in terms of experimentation throughout the release, Maggie Rogers has been able to deliver a strong and confident collection that will prove the singer as a brilliant young talent. Fans of her original material will lap this up, but also acts as a strong example for those just getting to know her.

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