Matt Corby - 'Everything's Fine'


For a while, it felt like Matt Corby had fallen by the wayside of mainstream music appeal in recent years. Despite a strong and devout dedication to his craft for many years, turning out the widely-appreciated LPs 'Telluric' and 'Rainbow Valley' in 2016 and 2018 respectively, he suddenly stopped touring and releasing new material for a few years, leading many to believe he was either winding down or working on something very special. Thankfully it was the latter as he returns with his eagerly-awaited new studio album 'Everything's Fine', a record that rebuilds his vibrant prowess.

Ever since he first emerged, Matt Corby has been one of the most revered songwriters doing the rounds. Always pursuing rich and luxurious textures that compliment his honey-soaked vocals, 'Everything's Fine' is more of that same and that little bit more. While he has always been an artist that focuses on a more soul-inspired direction, his latest collection feels both more contemporary and diverse within its direction, resulting in one of his most adventurous and innovative releases to date.

It may come after a five-year break, but 'Everything's Fine' stands as his most confident and assured full-length yet. Branching off into new and interesting aesthetics, yet still keeping to a succinct ideal, he has returned with a buoyant and jovial attitude that reflects his own shimmering persona throughout.

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