Matthew Liam Nicholson releases new album 'Universal Outsider'

After mesmerising us with an illustrious array of warm and embracing offerings over the last year, LA-based Australian Matthew Liam Nicholson has returned once again to cement his legacy to date with the vibrant new full-length 'Universal Outsider'.

Featuring a host of sweet and laid-back gems from the last few months, 'Universal Outsider' looks to hone the bright and shimmering aesthetic he has been cultivating for himself. Channelling inspirations from folk-pop, dream-pop, and just a dash of country, this new endeavour makes for a beautifully light and airy listen, perfect for kicking back under the summer sun.

With such a broad and inventive flow running throughout, Matthew Liam Nicholson has developed a sound that is both inviting and mesmerising in equal measure. With such a soft and lilting voice layered throughout this new release, 'Universal Outsider' is a truly welcoming collection that lifts both your spirits and mood as it plays.

Have a listen to 'Universal Outsider' in the player below.