Max Frost - 'Shelby Ave, Pt. 1'


Over the last decade, Nashville's Max Frost has looked to become one of the more enigmatic names doing the rounds. With a sound that prefers to sit within a more commercial arena, his innovative approach to production has given him this wonderful distinctive sound, serving him incredibly well ever since he first emerged. And with another vibrant year now under his belt, he returns for 2024 to deliver his latest EP 'Shelby Ave, Pt. 1', a collection brimming with fresh and electrifying ideas throughout.

While many of these offerings were released as singles in recent months, hearing this new six-track release all in one place really highlights the bright and adventurous direction he has been exploring recently. Bringing back more of that adventurous spirit he has always shown, and blending it with a warm and inviting texture from start to finish, 'Shelby Ave, Pt. 1' sees him returning to the fold with some of his most loveable and captivating efforts yet.

Although there was never any doubt at the level of quality Max Frost was going to bring to this release, 'Shelby Ave, Pt. 1' still manages to pack plenty of surprises within its spritely runtime. Finding and cultivating an explorative aesthetic for himself once again, he continues to make his mark as one of today's more exciting talents.

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