Morrissey - 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business'


Since Morrissey released his last album 'Years Of Refusal' in 2009, he has walked off stage dozens of times, cancelled even more shows, condemned nearly every corporation in the world, and even found time to write a "Penguin Classic" in which he opened up about his ambivalent homosexual tendencies. So I think it's far to say that he has probably experienced more attention from various outposts in the last five years than most of us get in our lifetimes. So now that a new album is finally here, will we get to hear Morrissey's side of what has happened to him in those years or will it be yet more narcissistic drivel from a washed-up poet?

As you've probably guessed from my tone, it is the latter as not only is 'World Peace Is None Of Your Buisness' a truly dismal display of depressing soundbites and buzzwords, Morrissey's lack of conviction in his performance leaves you feeling like it is all a show. He drearily moves his voice around the record with such a lazy and self-indulgent snarl that you actually begin to feel like he is mocking you from behind the microphone, laughing at the listener for buying into this album. It has all the charm and intrigue of a dead pigeon, which of course Morrissey would liken to rising levels of air pollution or some other nonsense.

No, it is not a good album and nor is Morrissey worth the time. He is not Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen or John Cooper Clarke. He is a whining, self-obsessed, walking condescension of a man with little to no integrity left.

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