Lauren Faith - 'Jheeze (Cosmic Love)'

British frontwoman collaborates with Kaytranada for this bold and upbeat RnB-inspired groove

Gold Spectacles - 'If I Die, I Don't Mind'

British outfit take their cues from Metronomy with this light and uplifting indie-pop delight

Color Palette - 'Marrakech To Bombay'

US outfit channel the euphoric sound of M83 for this bold and impressive electro-pop gem

Nightshifts - 'Breeze'

Toronto-based frontman oozes with soul on this broad and seductive neo-soul swoon

Stevan - 'LNT'

Australian frontman returns with this bright and energetic indie-pop jam, with hints of Steve Lacy

The Odd Neighbourhood - 'Cherry Wine'

Canadian outfit take influence from Tame Impala for this whimsical, psych-rock groove

Otis Kane - 'Happy Days'

US frontman blends classic soul with a contemporary production on this RnB-inspired jam

Nina June - 'Summersnow'

Dutch frontwoman delivers a broad and cinematic new release, with hints of The Staves

San Fermin - 'The Living'

US frontman previews his new album with this pulsing and post-punk-inspired croon

The Dukes - 'Beautiful Disgrace'

British outfit blend the worlds of dream-pop and psych-rock into this delightfully warm and seductive new release

Noy Markel - 'Calling Me'

US frontwoman returns with this bold and dreamy alt-pop release, with nods to H.E.R.

Cari Cari - 'ANAANA'

Austrian duo take influence from Band Of Skulls with this pounding and riff-heavy new stomper

iamtheliving - 'It's In All Of Us'

British frontman delivers a smooth and enticing blend of classic funk and neo-soul, with nods to Leon Bridges

Shikoswe - 'Swimming'

Norwegian frontwoman takes her cues from Soccer Mommy with this dreamy new jam

Harry Nathan - 'To The Limit'

Australian frontman adds a touch of disco to his latest electro-pop groove, with hints of Daft Punk

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