Rustie - 'Green Language'


When Scottish producer released his debut album 'Glass Swords' back in 2011, we were blown away by the beatmaker's unique approach to electronic music. His mixture of high-frequency synths and half-time tempo set a precedent that many other producers would begin to imitate and ultimately kick start the trap music phase that has become a staple part of modern hip hop and EDM productions. But with very little from the young man since then, his latest full-length 'Green Language' has begun to attract a lot more attention this time round, making this his most high-profile release of his career so far and he hasn't been shy about pulling out all the stops for it.

'Glass Swords' was, for the most part, an instrumental release that allowed Rustie to showcase his brilliant talents without the listener losing focus on his work. But this time, he has brought a number of high-profile guest artists on board, such as Danny Brown, D Double E and Redinho, to add that extra bit of diversity to the record that allows him to play more of a supporting role on some of his tracks. The result is a far more modest album that looks to gather attention through its long winding soundscapes rather than its ear-piercing synths. While the screams and basslines are still rampant on this record, they have been fleshed out a lot more and have created a more sombre record in the process.

It may seem like I'm describing a far more laid-back record than the first, and in a way I am, but comparing this to his debut makes you fully appreciate the versatility of this producer and allows you to see that Rustie has far more to offer than just high-energy party tunes.

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