Sand Box release debut album 'You're Hardly Here'

After spending much of this year establishing themselves as one of the more alluring names on the rise right now, LA-based duo Sand Box now look to cement their vibrant legacy to date with the release of their eagerly-awaited debut album 'You're Hardly Here'.

Featuring the previously shared gems 'Free', 'Stay In', 'Same Old Star', and 'Porcelain Dolls', this new eleven-track collection perfectly highlights their progressive nature these last few months. Filled with broad and immersive textures, a sweeping atmosphere, and some wondrous vocals at the helm, 'You're Hardly Here' caps off what has already been an exceptional run of form from the pair.

While they have certainly built a strong and confident repertoire of releases in 2023, hearing all of it under one roof really heightens their innovative nature to date. With such a firm and focused approach to their songwriting and production throughout, 'You're Hardly Here' is a stunning introduction to their already dazzling career.

Have a listen to 'You're Hardly Here' in the player below.