The Staves - 'All Now'


When they first emerged, Watford's The Staves, comprised of sisters Jessica, Camilla, and Emily Staveley-Taylor, were greeted as one of the more impactful names arriving that year. With a distinctive folk influence to their direction, the band quickly began to absorb a more multifaceted aesthetic as the years went by, transforming them into this wildly adventurous name doing the rounds. But with now Emily departing the group to focus on raising her child, the remaining sisters continue forward with their fourth studio album 'All Now', a record that builds upon those inventive pursuits once again.

What always made The Staves such an impassioned group was their distinctive three-part harmonies, but even when reduced to two, 'All Now' still manages to follow up their catalogue with style and finesse at every turn. Embarking on a far more euphoric identity this time around, adopting a broader and more textured production behind their illuminating vocals, this new collection sees them return in renewed spirits and deliver one of their most captivating LPs to date.

While there was always going to be apprehension around the loss of one of their founding members, The Staves have continued their pursuits onward in fine form from start to finish. Creating this almost revitalised approach to their sound, 'All Now' feels like a new beginning for the duo, brimming with bright and tantalising ideas from beginning to end.

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