Wallwork & RZR - 'Mad Techno Invasion'


With London's electronic scene becoming more and more experimental by the day, new producers are having to conjure up a greater variety of ways to help them stand out in this ever-evolving zeitgeist. So when producers Wallwork and RZR came together to produce their latest EP, the pair knew that to be taken seriously, they had to create a sound all of their own and take the lead of their own journey. Despite its name, 'Mad Techno Invasion' has taken the future bass sound and spliced it with almost every conceivable sub-genre going to form exactly that.

Inspired by the irreverence of producers like Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990, Wallwork & RZR have essentially made an instrumental grime EP. But without the standard MC to hone the focus of the productions, the pair look to up the ante throughout each track and make their eccentricities the highlights of the material. It's clear from the first minute that this is hardly a phoned-in piece of work as each track has so much detail running through it, you can tell that they have spent hours slaved over each and every beat. It has this incredible personality that looks to surprise and delight during every track and plays with the confidence of far more experienced producers.

While the duo are still in their infancy as producers, they clearly have a direction and purpose they are looking to achieve. 'Mad Techno Invasion' is one of the most interesting and groundbreaking EPs we have heard all year and looks set to send the pair flying forward on their journey for years to come.

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