Zooey Celeste - 'Restless Thoughts'


When he first emerged with his breakthrough debut single 'Restless Thoughts' earlier this year, US artist Zooey Celeste was greeted as one of the more memorable and innovative names on the rise. As an alter-ego for the artist at the helm, described as an astral shaman responsible for leading the newly departed into the great beyond, his music since has been this beautifully broad yet eerie pursuit that looks to establish him as a distinctive name on the rise right now. And with a string of impactful outings under his belt in recent months, he returns with his eagerly-awaited debut album, also called 'Restless Thoughts', a record brimming with rich and immersive imagination.

While acts like Arcade Fire and Unknown Mortal Orchestra come to mind when we first hear 'Restless Thoughts', Zooey Celeste's overall ambition feels far more dynamic and adventurous here. Dabbling in a heady mix of dream-pop aesthetics, a psychedelic edge, and the occasional 80s twinge as often as possible, his initial full-length branches further and wider than we originally thought. His progressive nature perfectly lends itself to his diverse approach to sound, creating a wonderfully warm and inviting listen throughout.

He may have only just started to lay his foundations out these last few months, but 'Restless Thoughts' already feels like a strong blueprint in which to evolve from. Inventive and engaging from start to finish, he shines with a vibrant spirit across this compelling collection.

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