Anti-Flag - 'Lies They Tell Our Children'


It is fair to say that a lot has changed since Anti-Flag released their last studio album '20/20 Vision'. Unveiled at the very beginning of 2020, the record saw then US president Donald Trump emblazoned on the cover and was filled with all the rigour and anti-establishment rhetoric you would expect from that turbulent time in world politics. But with a new face in the White House, a pandemic, and economic uncertainty now the norm for the world over, the iconic punk outfit are now looking to vent their frustrations at a new era as they return with their thirteenth LP 'Lies They Tell Our Children', a record that still fills itself with plenty of anger and gusto from start to finish.

While many other bands that emerged during the same time as Anti-Flag have either fallen by the wayside or softened their approach over the years, this four-piece are just as potent and energetic as they have always been. And although their material in the last decade did suffer from a lack of genuine grievances to direct their sound, these last few years have been like fuel to a fire for them, making 'Lies They Tell Our Children' one of their most explosive offerings to date. Jam-packed with raw and heartfelt emotion, plus killer hooks to boot, they have returned with another vigorous release that keeps their passionate sound alive.

They may not be the biggest name on the scene these days, but Anti-Flag remain the flag bearers of politically-charged punk on the US scene today, and 'Lies They Tell Our Children' is another wondrous addition to their ever-growing catalogue. Brimming with exciting bursts of flair throughout, they are still very much a vital name within today's zeitgeist.

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