A Flame Alighteth - 'A Flame Alighteth'


Throughout the last few years, US outfit A Flame Alighteth have looked to explore a more multifaceted appeal than many of their contemporaries. Exploring a heady mix of garage-rock, psychedelica, and post-punk energy to create their distinctive sound, they have been easing their way into the new music scene, looking to make an instant impact with their hotly-tipped self-titled debut LP, a record that brings all of that innovative invention under one roof.

From the very start, 'A Flame Alighteth' has this incredibly alluring draw to it. Exploring more of that riveting aesthetic they have been building towards recently, this new full-length has this wonderfully sprawling feel to it, moving swiftly from one passionate idea to the next in order to unveil a broad and illuminating direction throughout. And while they are a band that firmly wear their influences on their sleeve, they have still be able to project a brilliantly distinctive sound for themselves, one that feels fully realised here.

It may be their only example of released material to date, but A Flame Alighteth are certainly looking to kick things off with an almighty bang here. Shimmering with this infectious atmosphere that sweeps and swoons at every turn, they are definitely a name worth keeping a firm eye on for the months ahead as well.

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