Jeremy Lloyd-Styles - '2K80410'


Over the last few months, Brooklyn's Jeremy Lloyd-Styles has been busy developing and cultivating a distinctive sound for himself. While largely influenced by classic 90s indie-rock outfits like Weezer and Eels, he has been reinventing his inspirations for a modern ear in order to find something new and interesting in which to pursue within the genre. And after discovering a direction that suits his passionate ideals, he now looks to kick things off with his soaring debut EP '2K80410', a collection brimming with euphoric textures throughout.

While the aesthetic of '2K80410' very much likens itself to those nostalgic principles he has been working towards, especially on the opener 'I'm Sorry Your Job Sucks', this new three-track collection showcases some wildly inventive and immersive ideas from start to finish. Exploring a wide and varied appeal despite its short runtime, he opens up his tenure with a truly fresh and captivating initial offering, one that shows incredible promise for his future.

It may be his only piece of material to date, but Jeremy Lloyd-Styles is certainly a name worth keeping an eye on for the years ahead. '2K80410' introduces him as a shimmering individual on the new music scene, someone we are more than a little excited to hear where he goes next.

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