Jordan Mackampa - 'WELCOME HOME, KID!'


In the wake of his breakthrough debut LP 'Foreigner' in 2020, Jordan Mackampa quickly found himself as one of the more impactful names to emerge that year. With a uniquely broad and immersive approach to the progressive R&B sound, his direction brought him plenty of praise and acclaim as he spent the years since working on himself both creatively and personally. Now after a four-year trip to rediscover his true self, he returns with his sophomore studio album 'WELCOME HOME, KID!', a record that looks to revive his original spirit.

Much like what we got to experience on 'Foreigner', this new collection blends a smooth and illuminating soulful vibe with a textured approach to production from start to finish. Matched effortlessly with his own luxurious vocal style, 'WELCOME HOME, KID!' makes for a wondrous return from an artist that has always been one to pursue new and interesting ideas in order to keep his aesthetic as fresh as possible.

Very rarely does a voice like Jordan Mackampa's come along, but when it does, you just know it'll be put to good use. 'WELCOME HOME, KID!' may have taken longer than many expected to finally arrive, but now it's here, it continues his illustrious presence once again.

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