Max Bloom - 'Cold Hard Light'

British frontman showcases his debut solo album with this bright and uplifting indie-rock jam

Veople - 'Tilt'

Australian outfit deliver a broad and thunderous electro-indie stomper, with hints of Explosions In The Sky

St. South - 'Growing Up'

Australian frontwoman previews her debut album with this smooth and vibrant dream-pop groove

Lissy Taylor - 'Wildflowers'

British frontwoman blends sweet and sweeping tones with a blues-rock direction on this pounding new single

Far West - 'Can't Let Go'

US outfit take influence from Phoenix with this bright and catchy indie-pop delight

Creature Fear - 'Barely Alive'

Melbourne-based outfit crack out the killer riffs for this fun and energetic garage-rock belter

Week Neez - 'Good Boy'

Australian outfit bring the same energy as Slaves to this thunderous punk-inspired thumper

Bearcubs - 'Everyplace Is Life'

British outfit take their cues from Mount Kimbie with this bold and diverse electronic groove

Gateway Drugs - 'Slumber'

US outfit bring the same psychedelic feeling as Primal Scream to their latest indie-rock jam

Ugly Boys - 'Babe Why'

US outfit channel the bright and euphoric feeling of The 1975 with this sweeping pop-rock delight

Husky Loops - 'You Bore Me'

British outfit follow up their brilliant debut album with this fresh and diverse new release, with nods to Beck

Pastel - 'Daylight' ft. Ben Kessier

French-Polynesian producer follows in the footsteps of Tom Misch with this smooth and soulful new jam

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