TORRES - 'Thirstier'


This last year has seen the world of music divide itself into almost two camps; those that are struggling to find a way through these lockdowns, and those that are thriving in this environment. For many, the idea of being kept away from live crowds and inspirational moments has made for a difficult stream of productivity, but for TORRES, she seems more revived than ever. While only returning at the start of 2020 to release her previous effort 'Silver Tongue', she spent much of the pandemic working on her fifth full-length 'Thirstier', a record that sees her explode outward within her chosen guise.

Described as a "post-plague celebration", 'Thirstier' sees the artist step away from her normally folk-inspired direction to pursue something with far more vigour and energy behind it. It is almost as if she channelled the anxiety and fear of what was to become of the world, and focused it within her work, giving us this fresh and freeing sound that sees her move confidently onto an aesthetic that she isn't normally known for. In all, TORRES remains a solid and steady artist at the helm of this new adventure, scraping together a tantalising display of forward-thinking compositions that keep the momentum moving at every step.

Ironically, just as St. Vincent steps more into a humble, lo-fi vibe, TORRES finds herself filling those explorative shoes. 'Thirstier' may have been the result of being shut down in a world without any solution in sight, but the result is a bold and blistering array of grizzled indie-rock cuts that offer up a whole new side to her persona.

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