Veruca Salt - 'Ghost Notes'


The story of Veruca Salt has been an interesting one to say the least. With more former members than Spinal Tap, the band's turbulent career has been the source of most of their angst and engaging material. But in the biggest burying the hatchet gesture we have seen, all the band's original members are now back together to release not only their first album in nine years, but the first from this line-up since 1997's 'Eight Arms To Hold You'.

Sticking very much to their root sound, 'Ghost Notes' does come across like a trip down memory lane for much of its content. Given that these four have seldom written together for nearly twenty years, it seems they have simply picked up where they left off and given the record a very nostalgic feel. This whole quiet-loud-quiet style of songwriting not only harks back to the heyday of Pearl Jam and Nirvana, but also shows that this group are very stuck in their ways and aren't too interested about following contemporary trends.

While it is enjoyable for the most part, the release does have this rather rigid flow running through it. Making it very limited in its direction and creating a very weathered listen by the end, but for fans of 90s revival, this would obviously be a must.

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