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As we come out of 2014 and into a new year, a whole new batch of artists have begun to emerge in the hope of making 2
As one of many teenage talents to emerge over the last twelve months, none have caused as much of a stir as the now 2
While we are still reeling from the BBC Sound Of 2015 announcement earlier this week, we thought we'd take this oppor
What with the sudden re-emergence of both Damien Rice and José González earlier this year, it seems that the sound of
With electronic music moving in a more progressive and evolved direction, producers have begun to look at new and int
Ever wondered what The Black Keys would sound like if they swapped that guitar for a piano?
As the margins between pop and electronic music begin to blur more and more, some artists have used this opportunity
The borders between poetry and hip-hop have always been opaque at best, but there has always been a mutual trait betw
Many artists emerging this year have been looking back on the musical timeline for their inspiration but none have de
While it may seem that we are reaching saturation point with the sheer number of singer-songwriters currently peddlin
While the production trio Years & Years have been on the "ones to watch list" for the best part of the last 12 months
While the name may be familiar with those who have kept their ear firmly to the ground for the last twelve months, it
Despite coming from humble upbringings in the northern town of Blackpool, rock three-piece Darlia have carved themsel
As a pair of producers that have been swimming the undercurrent of the commercial house scene for the past year now,
While artists that launch their career's through televised singing competition is nothing rare, The Voice isn't parti