Kasabian - 'Happenings'


When their former lead singer Tom Meighan was unceremoniously removed from the band after admitting domestic assault charges against his then girlfriend, many thought that would spell the end for Kasabian. But with guitarist Sergio Pizzorno stepping into the frontman role for their 2022 LP 'The Alchemist's Euphoria', it felt as though they were going to make it through given how well the new line-up was received by both fans and critics alike. And after a few years to settle into their new image, they are back once again with their eighth studio album 'Happenings', a record that feels a bit more haphazard than many would have expected.

Kasabian's sound has always looked towards the electronic movement in order to find a distinctive direction for itself, but with 'Happenings', those over-produced moments feel a little too disruptive this time around. When you've got blistering guitar-driven anthems like 'How Far Will You Go' littering the tracklist, those club-friendly outings don't feel as innovative and interesting as they once were. As a result, the album has this duality between fiery anthems and a glossy commercial energy that doesn't flow as well as it used to.

There are still plenty of glimmers of the old Kasabian here, but 'Happenings' feels more like a sketchbook of ideas than a fully fleshed-out and cohesive offering. Enjoyable in places, but not the same appeal they once garnered.

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