Moonlight Breakfast - 'Look Up'

Romanian outfit blend psychedelic dream-pop with an electronic base for this fist-pumping new banger

Walker Glass - 'Half Noise'

US outfit crack out the killer riffs for this high-octane indie-rock thumper, with hints of Queens Of The Stone Age

Type 4 - 'Rusty Rhymes'

Boston-based collective take their fun and energetic cues from Beastie Boys for this engaging hip-hop bopper

Reverie - 'Princes'

Australian outfit return with another callback to the dark synth-pop sound of the 80s on their latest single

Gaman - 'Well Wishers'

Indian frontman takes influence from the blues-rock sound for this groove-filled banger, with nods to Red Hot Chili Peppers

Grand Commander - 'I Hope You Die In A Fire'

Dallas-based frontman delivers a jolly yet tongue-in-cheek acoustic-led bopper, with a mirth-filled chorus

NGHTMRE & Big Gigantic - 'Like That'

US producer cracks out the brass for this thumping and diverse electro-pop anthem, with hints of Major Lazer

George Ogilvie - 'Surveillance'

British singer-songwriter previews his debut album with this soft and heartfelt croon

Fern Dells - 'All I Am'

US frontman channels the sitful tones of Bon Iver for this soaring acoutsic-led serenade

Rivers Of England - 'Late Night, Heavy Rain, Waiting For A Train'

British outfit return with another tranquil and blissful acoustic-led serenade, taken from their latest EP

Doeray - 'Driving In France'

Britsol-based duo unveil a smooth and soul-enriched trip-hop-inspired groove, with nods to First Aid Kit

Sunset Couriers - 'You're Leaving Too Soon'

US outfit unleash a frantic and energetic indie-rock belter, with hints of The Walkmen

Citizen Lost - 'So Far Away'

Moscow-based outfit channel the swooning glow of Radiohead for this wistful new release

Exhibitionist - 'Vicious Love'

Australian frontwoman takes her ethereal cues from FKA Twigs for this pulsing electro-pop groove

Kimberly Townsend - 'Backwards So'

US frontwoman follows in the footsteps of Maggie Rogers for this soaring yet wistful acoustic-led swoon

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