Artist of the Week

Is it just me or are the youth of today's talented musicians getting younger and younger?
After first picking up a guitar at the age of 12, Scottish newcomer Dylan Fraser was always set on making it in the m
Having already been heavily tipped by 2FM’s Rising 2020 list and Golden Plec’s 2020 Picks in recent months, emerging
Despite already killing it on the scene as the drummer for The Big Moon, emerging producer and songwriter Fern Ford i
The 80s have obviously remained a source of great inspiration and passion for many artists emerging at the moment, bu
As artists such as Easy Life and Glass Animals bring the psych-pop sound to a more mainstream audience, the arrival o
Having already made a huge mark on the industry as one of the founding members of Jungle, producer J Lloyd is now kee
After originally making a name for himself as the frontman of both both Cave Painting and Company, Adam Kane has now
Despite regularly recording music for the last few years, Nashville-based singer and songwriter Juni Ata never origin
In a moment of global disillusionment as social unrest, race equality protests, and the crisis of a pandemic are weig
Having already made a name for themselves with a string of much-applauded singles including ‘Macho Man Randy Savage’,
Having already dazzled us with their wonderfully spacey initial singles 'Strangest Places' and their self-titled debu
After delivering her brilliant single '1,2,3,4' earlier this year, Catalan artist Odina has now returned to announce
After spending the last few months locked away with what seems like nothing but 70s disco and 80s new wave records, A
Having spent the last few years releasing a breadth of bold and exciting indie-pop belters, Bristol-based singer, son