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After breaking through earlier this year with their fantastic debut single 'Number 1', which found support from the l
After originally coming together back in 2019, Maia Friedman (of Dirty Projectors, Uni Ika Ai), Dan Molad (of Lucius,
Having already earned the attention of numerous tastemakers thanks to their previous efforts 'Fuse' and 'Leave It Out
After cracking out a string of fresh and captivating belters over the last few months, fast-rising artist binki has n
Having spent the last few years building up his sound through explorative cultivation and innovation, newcomer Stolen
Having already established himself with a string of notorious live performances across Manchester these last few year
After spending much of the last year developing and cultivating their sound, emerging Australian duo Royel Otis have
Having spent the last few years digging his way through the underground trenches, it now feels like Bristol-based art
After spending the last few years building up an incredible repertoire of broad and shimmering alt-pop efforts, fast-
After spending much of last year discovering and nurturing their sound, Reading-based duo Wynona recently delivered t
Despite arriving seemingly out of nowhere earlier this week, plenty of tastemakers are already praising the arrival o
Having already earned a strong background in the world of synthesisers, previously working for Moog Music calibrating
Having already exploded on TikTok these last few months, generating millions of streams every week for their previous
Having already exploded on TikTok these last few months with her catchy and engaging material, as well as her breakth
Every now and again, a new artist comes along and instantly grabs your attention with their distinctive flair.